There’s lots to do when you’re in Hillwood City.  The list below is just some of the things the citizens of Hillwood City like to do for fun. 



  • Slausen’s ice cream (e.g. April Fool’s Day)
  • Yahoo Soda (e.g. Stinky goes Hollywood)
  • Chez Paris (e.g. Arnold’s Valentine)
  • Chez Pierre (e.g. Arnold’s Valentine)
  • Chocolate turtles (e.g. Chocolate turtles)
  • Sugar Chunks cereal (e.g. The List)


Physical Activities

  • Football (e.g. New bully on the block)
  • Baseball (e.g. 24 hours to live)
  • Biking (e.g. Gerald’s secret)
  • Swimming (e.g. Synchronized swimming)
  • Basketball (e.g. Benchwarmer)
  • Fishing (e.g. Big Caesar)
  • Ice hockey (e.g. Snow)
  • Throwing frisbees (e.g. Timberly loves Arnold)


Places to hang out

There is a map of Hillwood City drawn by Steve Lowtwait which you can see here.  Thank the creators of the HA! fansite “Arnold’s Eyes” for uploading that picture on their site.

  • Gerald’s field (e.g. The vacant lot)
  • Mighty Pete (e.g. Save the tree)
  • P.S. 118 (e.g. Teacher’s strike)
  • The boarding house (e.g. Sally’s comet)
  • Avon movie theaters (e.g. Jamie O. in love)
  • The Kiska movie theaters (e.g. The List)
  • Dinoland (e.g. Hookey)
  • Skate Time rollerskating rink (e.g. Helga’s boyfriend)
  • The aquarium (e.g. Field trip)
  • Quigley Field baseball field (e.g. Hookey)
  • Hillwood City Zoo (e.g. Timberly loves Arnold)
  • Elk Island (e.g. Wheezin’ Ed)
  • Circle Theater (e.g. The old building)
  • Civic Opera (e.g. What’s opera, Arnold?)
  • Arcade (e.g. Teacher’s strike)
  • The bowling alley (e.g. Coach Wittenberg)



  • Nancy Spumoni boots (e.g. Arnold’s Christmas)
  • It Girl clothing (e.g. It girl)


T.V. Shows

  • Z-files (e.g. Jamie O. in love)
  • Pop Daddy (e.g. Chocolate turtles)
  • UFO Tonight (e.g. Arnold’s Halloween)
  • The Abdicator (e.g. Eugene goes bad)
  • Wrestle Mania (e.g. Buses, bikes, and subways)
  • Fighting Families (e.g. Fighting families)
  • Babe Watch (e.g. Summer love)
  • Physician’s Hospital soap opera show (e.g. The beeper queen)
  • “The Wheel” (e.g. Helga’s Parrot)
  • Revis and Jackie Lee’s talk show (e.g. Stinky goes Hollywood)
  • Dance Craze (e.g. The List)



  • Dino Spumoni (e.g. Dino checks out)
  • MJazz (e.g. Sally’s comet)
  • Moonlight Bay (e.g. Gerald’s tonsils)
  • Ronny Matthews (e.g. Pre-teen scream)
  • Ray Doppel of Dinomania (e.g. Dino checks out)
  • Don Reynolds lyrics writer (e.g. Partners)


Special Events

  • Soapbox car racing (e.g. Grand prix)
  • Rhonda’s parties (e.g. Cool party)
  • School dances (e.g. April Fool’s Day)
  • Cheese festival (e.g. Love and cheese)
  • Annual City Farming Faire (e.g. Stinky’s pumpkin)
  • Tour de pond motorized boat competition (e.g. Tour de pond)


If you can think of more things that can be added, please feel free to write a comment to this post.