-Wheeze wheeze-  POW!  -thud-

That is, without a doubt, the classic Brainy gag.  You’d think that a guy named Brainy would be smart enough not to sneak up on Helga like that…

Helga's love potion

Common Characteristics

  • Brainy is typically found sneaking up behind Helga
  • Poor Brainy always gets hurt somehow; usually it’s a smack between the eyes by one of Helga’s fist (it’s usually her left fist)
  • If you hear wheezing behind your back, you should immediately know that it’s Brainy.  Brainy always wheezes when he’s sneaking up on his crush.
  • Helga is usually alone before Brainy appears
  • Brainy usually shows up while Helga is thinking about Arnold, be it in the form of a soliloquy or just one of her lovesick swoons
  • Helga’s mood whenever Brainy sneaks up behind her tends to be that of annoyance and/or anger; she never seems to care that she created a wheezing mess on the floor