Hi all,

I want to thank all those who have visited this site.  You guys are the best!  However, what I’m going to say next is not going to be the greatest.  This is just a notice that there will be no update next week (May 10, 2009) because I’ll be writing exams.  (Whee.)  I apologize for that in advance and again, thank all those who have visited this site.  But don’t worry, updates will resume as normal the week after that (May 17, 2009) with a new post, layout, and a new page with all the past featured fanworks.  See you then!

– Tendra

P.S. As stated in the “About” section of this page, if anyone wants to contribute to this site and write a post themselves about HA!, they can do so by registering a WordPress account and then notifying me of the email address they used for their account so that I can add them as a contributing author.  Contact me via my email (tendra.p@gmail.com) or just writing a comment on this site.  (WordPress works just like any other blog.)  Anyhoo, thanks for reading!