Hey guys, look!  A new makeover!  Are you excited?  ‘Cuz I am!

Here’s a list of the stuff that’s new:

1. The url of the site has changed from tendraheyarnold.wordpress.com to haca.wordpress.com.  It’s more simple, easy to remember, and actually reflects the title of the webpage more.  When I first made the Critical Analysis, I thought it was gonna be a more personal thing… so heh… guess I was wrong.  XD

2. New website theme!  Ain’t nothing like green!  When the HA! 6th season project gets rolling in late June/early July, you’ll notice there will be a parallel between this site and the HA6S site.  I think Lieutenant Major Goose would like it.  (Why?  “SYM~ME~TRY”)

3. New page layout!  I reorganized the recommended fanfics/fanvideos, and also included a new section that includes the previous featured fanworks!  I also learned how to do page jumps, so now the “Ideas for Season 6 Episodes” are neatly into one page.  Check it out!

Hope you’ll tolerate and learn to love this new url!

– Tendra