An age of exploration: that’s what childhood is all about.  But it isn’t all about exploring the mysteries of the world, such as why the sky is blue or where do babies come from; it’s also about exploring who you are.  This is where general personality profiles, such as horoscopes, become a fun, handy, and great way to learn about yourself.

The most agreed upon birth date for Arnold is October 7 which is, coincidentally, also the first day “Hey Arnold!” aired on television.  This makes him a Libra (September 23 – October 22).  However, it does not mean that Arnold might be a “true Libran”, in which all Libran characteristics apply to him.  The following will evaluate how well common Libran characteristics apply to Arnold.


Runaway float

Libras are Sociable People

Libras are sociable people and great to hang out with: they’re great listeners, charming, empathetic, and tactful.  And these characteristics suit them well, for they generally like attention and dislike being snubbed by others.  Also, they work best in groups.  In terms of friends, Libras will be happy and settled as long as they have one close friend (they tend to feel lost and upset if they don’t).  However, the downside of their curiosity and love for people is that they can become prone to gossip.

Indeed, Arnold is a very sociable person.  He’s a great listener, empathetic, and tactful – and that’s good because that’s the traits he needs if wants to help other people.  And in terms of charming…

Arnold's Valentine

…yeah, he’s pretty charming.  (Helga especially thinks so!) 

However, Arnold isn’t exactly what we would call an attention-hog.  He usually doesn’t do stuff in order to impress other people; he just does it for the pleasure of doing it.  For example, Arnold doesn’t give advice to people just because he hopes to gain some sort of recognition (e.g. an award) for it someday.  He just helps people because he wants to and he can.  He’s a very altruistic person and, in fact, he takes it pretty well when other people don’t listen to him or even insult him.  For example, in the episode “Deconstructing Arnold”, he was relatively calm (albeit a little depressed) when everyone started to ignore his advice and put him down. 

As a sociable person, Arnold actually does work best in groups.  Helga did once say he’s the type of guy who would say something like, “C’mon guys, if we all pull together and pool our resources, I just know we can achieve our goals” (in the episode “Helga’s show”).  He frequently tends to work in groups for projects such as talent shows, soapbox derbies, or even projects to break a world record.

World records

 And in terms of friends, Arnold does seem happiest whenever he’s with someone close, such as Grampa Phil or Gerald.  We have seen him fighting with Gerald before (e.g. in the episode “Part time friends”) and, of course, he isn’t happy without him. 

Finally, Arnold’s curiosity and love for people hasn’t dragged him deeply into the world of gossip yet.  He’s usually on the receiving end (i.e. hearing gossip/stories) instead of the giving end (i.e. telling gossip).  Good for him!


Libras Have an Eye for Beauty

Libras are one of the most stylish people out there!  When shopping, they tend to avoid shoddy products, going for the high-quality stuff instead; hence they can have expensive tastes (which you can tell by their possessions).  Their image can become something of great value, which is why they may fight to do everything in style.  However, their desire for extravagance can lead them to overspend their money and, when combined with their sociable nature, even be promiscuous.  One of the most interesting things about Libras is that their environment can greatly influence their mood: they prefer and work best in clean, light, and airy places.  Dirty and ugly places can really put them down.  However, their eye for beauty can also make them really artistic and creative.  They tend to excel in the fine arts such as art, music, drama, floristry, design and architecture.  Plus, they can be real romantics!

Like Rhonda said, Arnold does have a unique sense of style (like that weird little skirt thingy he always wears!)  And if you don’t believe he’s stylish or has expensive tastes, I’ve got two words for you: his room.

The little pink book

He has a sunroof, a sweet stereo system, and even a potato alarm clock!  C’mon, how is that not stylish?  However, Arnold doesn’t really buy stylish things just to maintain his image; again, he just buys things simply because he thinks they’re cool.  After all, he doesn’t give into peer pressure easily (e.g. in “Deconstructing Arnold”, he didn’t participate in pranks just because he was called a “wet blanket” and in “Hey Arnold! The Movie” he didn’t give up on rescuing the neighbourhood when everyone else did).  We have yet to see the negative impacts of Arnold’s desire for extravagance (such as going broke or being promiscuous), probably because he’s too young for these kinds of problems.  There were times where Arnold was low on cash to buy what he wanted (such as tickets to Mickey Kaline’s last baseball game), but it wasn’t clear whether it was because he spent too much money on other things, or simply because he doesn’t earn a lot of money as a kid.  And in terms of promiscuity, we’ll just have to wait until the hormones kick in full gear, don’t we?  We’ll just assume that he’ll become a responsible adult and not become some sort of pimp.  (However, if you read the essay “An Arnold Visits Arnie Essay” by Anomynous, there’s some evidence that, by choosing Hilda over Lulu, he’ll live an honest love-life.) 

Arnold does always seem to be the little bright light in the dark room.  Circumstances don’t really hold him down.  Even in the face of large adversity (such as a glooming corporation threatening to tear down his neighbourhood), Arnold is always willing to put a fight to achieve his goals.  So the Libran characteristic of being heavily influenced by the environment doesn’t really apply to him.

His eye for beauty does give him an artistic and creative side.  Arnold has artistic skills in some areas: when working for Mrs. Vitello, he was chosen to be the floral designer for his terrific floral arrangements, and his float design won the Award for Best Float in the City Day Parade.  However, he there are other areas where he is not the greatest, such as sculpturing and acting.

Girl trouble

“You call that blob a buffalo?” – Helga, “Girl trouble”

School play

“So let me get this straight: I’m the last guy on your list [to be Romeo]?” – Arnold, “School play”

Although Arnold was last on the list to play Romeo in the school play, he is, in fact, quite the lover-boy!  He had several crushes in the fourth grade (e.g. Ruth, Miss Felter, Lila, Summer) and had many other girls once/still hold the torch for him (e.g. Helga, Lila, Siobhan, Timberly).  And when he’s crushing, he can get really daydreamy, sentimental and gushy.  Unless you want to hear him spout love poems like crazy, get that book of Shakespeare poems away from him!  Geez, Arnold, most guys gotta wait for the 7th grade to have this kind of girl trouble!


Libras Make Great Diplomats

There’s a reason why the symbol for Libras is a scale: it represents how they tend to seek balance and serenity in their lives.  For you see, they like everything in their lives to be peaceful and harmonious.  They dislike arguments and roughness of any sort and, because they are highly idealistic about human nature, will strive to solve these problems.  But the good thing is that they have the traits of an excellent diplomat – they have a strong sense of right and wrong, are able to give impartial advice, and are always willing to compromise.  However, their desire to please people can become a problem, as they can eventually ignore their own needs.  Plus, their tendency to study every aspect of a situation before making a decision can make them indecisive.  Nonetheless, they still make excellent diplomats.

Yes, yes, and yes.  Arnold has all the traits of an excellent diplomat.  In fact, when he took an aptitude test, it turned out that he would a wonderful ambassador to a foreign land!  He’s always there to help other people and give advice.  It’s just in his nature to do so.  However, his highly optimistic and idealistic view of people can get him hurt.  He’ll have to learn that not all people can be changed (such as Wolfgang) and that he can’t keep making sacrifices in order to please people.  The latter is especially true if he is going to be Helga’s soulmate.  Helga needs to learn that Arnold can’t always bend over backwards to please her, and Arnold needs to learn that he can’t always be pushed around to please others.  And although Arnold is relatively quick in doing the right thing, he can be indecisive at times, especially when it comes to his relationship with Helga.  After all, he has to make the right choice.  So after all the events that have occurred in “Hey Arnold! The Movie”,  it would be normal for Arnold to put a lot of thought in how to think about and respond to Helga’s confession.  Let’s hope he does the right thing!

Field trip