“Move it, Football Head!  I mean Arnold!  I mean Hir Boy!  I mean…”

Not sure what Helga should be calling Arnold when writing your dialogue?  The following is a guide on whether or not Helga should be calling Arnold “Arnold” or “Football Head, ect.”

Summer love

Helga Calls Arnold by his Normal Name When…

  • She is caught off guard by Arnold (i.e. when Arnold interrupts one of her soliloquies: “Helga?” “Arnold?!”)
  • She is trying to be sincere / serious with Arnold (e.g. when she was trying to tell Arnold that she thinks he is okay in “Monkey business”)
  • She is being non-aggressive
  • She is leading Arnold on (e.g. in “Arnold’s Thanksgiving” when Arnold was talking about how Thanksgiving could be perfect like their school’s Thanksgiving play, Helga replies, “You’re right, Arnold, except for just one thing…”)
  • She feels that she is in danger (e.g. when she fell in the water in “The Flood”)
  • She is trying to be nice to him (e.g. when she was acting like Lila in “Helga’s masquerade”
  • She is trying to comfort Arnold (e.g. in “Arnold and Lila”, Helga asks him, “You okay, Arnold?”)
  • She is in an act of desperation (e.g. “Arnold, wait!”)
  • She is in one of her soliloquies.  She may call him other common names (e.g. Arnold, what a boob!), but hardly, if ever, by the standard names she gives him (i.e. Football Head, Hair boy, ect.).  E.g. she may call Arnold a “stupid football-headed kid”, but never just “Football Head”.
  • Arnold is generally not around her.  No need to keep up an image when nobody is around… Her usage of Arnold’s name is similar to when she is in one of her soliloquies.
  • She is swooning

Monkey business

Helga Calls Arnold Names Like “Football Head”, “Hair Boy”, “Arnoldo”, ect. When…

  • She is trying to insult him
  • She is being sarcastic (e.g. “Gee, you think, Football Head?”)
  • She is mocking him
  • She is trying to regain her reputation as a mean bully after being nice / caught off guard by Arnold
  • She is being uncooperative with Arnold
  • She is venting her anger (e.g. such as when she is upset and telling her problems to Arnold)
  • She is angry with him
  • She is being pessimistic (e.g. in her conversation with Arnold in “Arnold’s Thanksgiving’, she says, “What bright side, Football Head?”)
  • She is generally around Arnold

Egg story

Overall, when Helga is with Arnold, she will use a mixture of both names.