Whenever a T.V. series is turned into a movie, we all have our expectations of what to see and “The Jungle Movie” is no exception.  Based on our given knowledge of “Hey Arnold!”, we can already formulate some expectations of what to see in “The Jungle Movie”.  If HA!’s second movie were ever to be made, some expectations would be for TJM to include…

…scenes reminding us of the current situation/happenings in the world in “Hey Arnold!”.

It’s a fact when I say that not all people who will watch TJM will have also watched all of HA!’s 100 episodes and first movie.  Unlike the first movie, TJM should include early scenes that will keep the audience up to speed about what’s happening in the world of HA!.  Tell us what Arnold knows so far about his parents and how he feels about it.  TJM’s prequel “The Journal” should only serve as a supplement to the movie, not a must-see extention of it.  Remind us of his current relationship with Helga and how both parties feel about it.  Please jog our memory: why does Helga have a love/hate relationship with Arnold?  Give us flashbacks about the development of their relationship, if you must.


One of the biggest problems with “Hey Arnold! The Movie” was a lack of sub-plots.  I hope that the same mistake will not be repeated in TJM and that Bartlett will take the time to redevelop his secondary characters (e.g. Rhonda, Harold, Nadine, Sid, Brainy, Phoebe, Gerald, Helga, ect.) by giving them their own subplots.  These characters can and should be utilized for comic relief in the movie.

…excellent establishment of mood.

The one reason why I want to watch TJM is because of how well “The Journal” was told.  In the prequel, effective music and pacing allowed the audience to become deeply engaged in the storyline and to connect with the characters.  I hope that TJM will be as good, if not better, than “The Journal”, where they can really manipulate the feelings of the audience — make us want to cry during sad moments, feel warm and fuzzing during heartwarming moments, laugh during funny moments, ect.


I’m assuming that the majority of TJM takes place in San Lorenzo, where one of the main languages spoken is Spanish.  It would therefore be weird and inaccurate if all characters (including those from San Lorenzo) only spoke English and never Spanish.

…conflicted feelings on Arnold’s part when he finds his parents.

Arnold is admirable in the aspect that he is so optimistic.  However, as an “average kid”, Arnold should be able to feel other emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, ect.  Thus, I would be very suprised and outraged if Arnold were to immediately and fully accept his parents’ return.  Even though he is a mature kid, he is nonetheless a kid and still has a lot of emotional development to go through.  Where’s all the frustration of not having your parents when you need them the most for the last 9 years?  As a relatable character, Arnold should experience this internal conflict when he finds his parents.

…a good excuse on Miles and Stella’s part.

Arnold’s parents are supposedly good-hearted people, but it would be hard to say that if they left their only son for 9 years without a good excuse.  I don’t think the excuse “I was too busy helping the Green Eyes to attend to my own son” is a good enough excuse.  I can only think of two scenarios where their extended absence is acceptable.  The first scenario is where they are physically inable due to reasons such as being held as a prisoner.  (Hopefully they have kept their son in their hearts from the time they left him to the time they are reunited.)  The second scenario is where they don’t want to because their mental mindset has been altered out of their own will (perhaps due to brain damage or maybe due to the effects of the mysterious relic La Corazon?).  In either case, the integrity of Miles and Stella should be preserved/regained by the end of the movie.

…good pacing in Arnold and Helga’s relationship.

It took a rather long time to get to where these two are now, thanks to Helga’s insecurities and Arnold’s denseness.  Even though we know Helga loves Arnold, we cannot be sure that Arnold will reciprocate her feelings to the same (or greater) extent.  At least not soon enough for TJM.  It’s hard to suddenly fall madly in love, head over heels, for someone who has been torturing you for practically two-thirds of your life.  After all, it takes time to ignore the flaws over the virtues of someone you once knew as an enemy, and one big adventure in the jungles will not necessarily do the trick.  When Arnold confesses to Helga in the end, I expect him to only begin to acknowledge his feelings for her.  I do not expect his side of the confession to be as strong/intense as Helga’s confession in HATM.  In terms of Arnold and Helga’s relationship, slow and steady is fine with me.  Moving too fast may kill the relationship.  Overall, I hope for the best for these two (even though they’re fictional).