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The 6th season episodes suggested below were intended to take after “April Fool’s Day” (both Arnold and Helga are aware of Helga’s crush), and before “The Journal” (and “The Jungle Movie”).  Therefore, anything that should belong in the Jungle Movie (i.e. Arnold and Helga getting together) shouldn’t be in the 6th season.

There are around 20 episodes, and therefore almost 40 storylines, per season.  My aim is to write 40 ideas for the 6th season.  Any comments and/or criticisms for these ideas posted below would be highly appreciated!  I’ll update the pages as the ideas roll in. 

Helga's love potion

1. Gerald gets a bad hair-cut.  Needs to learn how to cope with it.  Craig Bartlett has drawn a mini-comic about it in his early years, and Nickelodeon released it on their site!  Click the “Hey Arnold!” archive and select the comic called “Gerald’s Haircut”.

2. Sid and Stinky fight over a girl (most likely Lila), as it seems that the only thing that would cause the two of them to fight is a common love interest.


3. Helga has a dream, which teaches her that Arnold cannot worship her like how she expects him to when he falls in love with her.  There is already a well-written fanfic about it.  I like it, but I’m not sure what to think of Helga’s opinion of Brainy.

4. Arnold is a great guy, especially how he always helps people out.  However, the weakness of his strength is that the people he helps learn how to depend on Arnold for their problems (i.e. they do not know how to solve their own problems by themselves).  In other words, these people would not learn how to become independent and self-sufficient, should Arnold be away.  I realize that Arnold does give the people he helps some level of autonomy in that they have the choice to accept Arnold’s advice or not, but I think that we could push that level of autonomy a little further – to the point where they start learning to use their own good judgement, instead of having Arnold to guide them.  Arnold needs to learn this as well – that he can’t always be there for other people and have faith in his friends’ abilities to solve their own problems.  The plot will revolve on how Arnold and a friend, whose role is to restrain Arnold from helping a certain individual, watches how that certain individual deals with their own problem.  Arnold will learn that not all things need intervention.  The individual that needs helping can be a new character, so that the habit of asking Arnold for advice is eliminated.


5. Some people love Helga because of her complex personality, while some people don’t because it seems that Helga’s only motivation in life is getting Arnold’s love.  Hopefully, that isn’t true!  I would love to explore this aspect of Helga: what else is there that doesn’t revolve around Arnold?  In this plot, Arnold goes away for a while (maybe for a trip or something?).  What will Helga do without her Arnold?  (Hopefully not pine for him!)

6. We all know that Helga and Arnold are going to end up together.  However, will their relationship be conflicted against disapproval from their friends?  Arnold and Phoebe seem to get along, but what about Helga and Gerald?  This episode would focus on a bonding moment between Helga and Gerald because, let’s face it: when Arnold and Helga are going to get together, Helga and Gerald are going to have to spend some time together.  Because this might contribute to Arnold and Helga’s break-up, which will lead to the spin-off series “The Patakis”, this episode will not mean that Helga and Gerald are now best friends.  It just means that Gerald will begin to learn that Helga is not a bad person (doesn’t neccessarily mean that he will complete his lesson by the time they get together). 

Another thing to point out is that, during the “Jungle Movie”, when Arnold kisses Helga and then gets interrupted by Gerald, Arnold makes a lame excuse with Gerald replying, “Whatever you say, Arnold”.  This indicates that Gerald is, at least, neutral about it.  So maybe having Gerald support Arnold’s decisions might be indiciated here.


The flood

7. Sid loses Sidney.  There was already a fanfic about it written called “The Search for Sidney”, but it is now currently a dead link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1409972/1/The_Search_for_Sidney.  I like the idea of the plot, but the supporting secondary characters (and the kiss) seem a bit too extreme and out of character.  If you see this fanfic with a working url, please let me know.

8. Did you see “Hey Arnold! The Movie”?  If you did, you might have noticed that there was an unfinished miniplot in the movie: Mr. Green and has estranged vegetarian son, who he hasn’t talked to in a couple of years.  It’d be nice to see what would happen if Mr. Green get together with his son again, if you know what I mean.


9. Hmm… I liked “Hey Arnold! The Movie”, but I can’t say it was the greatest Nick film that ever existed.  Many parts were rushed, and this includes the confession scene.  Why did Helga break so easily?  Of course, the movie can’t be redone to further expand that part, but we can make an episode about it.  In this episode, perhaps a nice background story (in Helga’s perspective) of how exactly Deep Voice came to be, and her opinion of her confession.  Maybe this will be a new opportunity for Dr. Bliss to come to the rescue?

10. An untouched mystery that should be touched: who the heck is Fuzzy Slippers and what is his relation to Gerald?  However (courtesy of Nat who brought this up), it would be best if Fuzzy Slippers remained a mystery.  Nonetheless, an episode where the gang tries to find out who Fuzzy Slippers is (e.g. the gang starts following Gerald around in an attempt to find out the identity of Fuzzy Slippers) but fails (thus keeping Fuzzy Slipper’s identity still a mystery) can be viable.


11. The greatest rival of the 4th graders is the 5th graders.  But, hey!  In a year, those 4th graders will become 5th graders; they’ll become their enemy!  I’d like to see an episode that has Arnold’s class imagine what it would be like for them to become 5th graders.  SquirrelTamer has done a nice design chart of how the girls would look like as 5th graders.


12. Remember the episode “Timberly Loves Arnold”?  Y’know, that episode which finally marks the day when Arnold decides to stop crushing on Lila?  Many of Arnold’s buddies (aside from Gerald and possibly Sid) don’t know that, and that includes Lila/Helga.  Hmm… new episode idea?  There’s a fanfiction that explores this by Miss Pataki, and its pretty good.


13. Arnold talks to Dr. Bliss about his ups and downs with Helga.  (Courtesy to Justine who brought this up.)  DarthRoden aka Carl has already written a popular fanfiction about this, so go check it out.  A storyline like this would be better off in the latter portion of the 6th season, as we approach the Jungle Movie.

14. A storyline (probably the full 22 minutes) about Helga’s birthday (which is around 1 week before April Fool’s).  Olafhater27 has actually written a fanfiction about it.  However, the problem is that I don’t think Arnold should play a big part in this episode, seeing how Helga was suprised that Arnold remembered her birthday and gave her a “present” in the episode “April Fool’s Day”.  If you’re going to do fanworks of this storyline, be sure not to draw anything that contradicts with “April Fool’s Day”.

Nat has suggested that on Helga’s Birthday, Arnold should bump into Helga, who is spending her time as the birthday girl alone.  Arnold notices that Helga is upset and ends up spending the day with her.  However, their time together would’ve probably been more enjoyable if Helga didn’t have her precious reputation to worry about: she spends the early portion of her time with Arnold looking over her back to make sure she isn’t caught hanging out with her beloved football-head.


15. Similar to #14 is a full-episode storyline about Arnold’s birthday, which is October 7 (when HA! first aired).  A very pretty comic about it was done by Unluckystunt at Deviantart.  Courtesy of Nat who brought this up, the role that Helga would play on Arnold’s birthday would most likely be anonymous (i.e. her actions would be done without telling anyone else), in order to keep her reputation.

There is a problem with this storyline though: it doesn’t fit well into the 6th season.  Keep in mind that “The Journal” took place on October 5, and that Craig Bartlett did say in an interview that Arnold would turn 10 in ‘The Jungle Movie’, meaning that TJM covers the day of October 7, which is Arnold’s birthday.  So, this storyline should not work, unless it’s a dream/fantasy/ect.

16. Big Bob Pataki takes one step too far, forcing Miriam to take her belongings and daughter, Helga, and move out temporarily.  This plot allows the opportunity for another mother-daughter bonding moment. 

One suggestion was for Miriam and Helga to move into the Sunset Arms Boarding House, seeing how they both left the Pataki house on such short notice.  Another is to have Arnold take a major role in patching things up between Miriam and Bob.  However, it might be more practical to have Arnold influence Helga, who will take action to patch things up between her parents.  (Idea courtesy of Justine)

Thanks to Nat who brought this up, we also have to consider the fact that Bob already clips Miriam’s wings a lot as it is.  This means that in order for Bob to push his limit, he would have to do something rather drastic.  So whether or not this idea is suitable for the 6th season of “Hey Arnold!”, or for bump-it-up-a-rating spin-off “The Patakis”, will depend on how it is written.


17. Okay, so let me get this straight.  In the episode “Weird cousin”, you have Helga chasing after Arnold… who is chasing after Lila… who onced like him liked him, but is now chasing after Arnie… who also onced liked her liked her but is now chasing after Helga.   Whew! 

But after recent events, if Arnie visits again, you now have: Helga chasing after Arnold… who no longer likes Lila and may now be tentatively chasing after Helga.  But!  If Arnold is going to start chasing after Helga, then he’s got some competition with his dear old cousin, Arnie, who still holds the torch for Helga.  And it’s pretty obvious that Helga, who would most likely be willing to jump off a cliff just to avoid that “weird cousin”, doesn’t like Arnie back.  …oh, and you have Lila in the background chasing after Arnie.  (Courtesy of Justine who brought this idea up)

There are tons, and I mean tons, of fanfictions about this popular topic.  Again, I can’t remember all of their urls, so I will list them as they come.  Please be my eyes and let me know if you see any fanfics out their regarding this storyline.

Weird cousin

18. Arnold (and perhaps Dr. Bliss?) helps Helga get to the bottom of her fear of rats (Idea courtesy of Justine)


19. When Arnold struggles with his English assignments, Mr. Simmons assigns him the best poet of the 4th grade to tutor him: Helga.  (Courtesy of Justine who brought this up). 

Azure129 has already written a fanfiction about this, so go check it out!  (Thanks to Gen who helped me find its url)

However, the problem with this idea (thanks to Nat for the criticism) is that you have to keep in mind that although Helga is capable of being a very bright student, so is Arnold.  After all, Arnold must have some talent in English given the fact that he was one of the top spellers in the 4th grade.  Plus, if you have read some of the online interviews with Craig Bartlett, you will recall that Bartlett has said that one of Arnold’s essays wins his class a trip to the jungle where his parents are in “The Jungle Movie”.  In addition to that, Arnold should be relatively good at Social Studies since he is practically the “god of diplomacy”, good at Math because he tutored Torvald, and good at science seeing his work ethic was in the episode “Biosquare”.  Seems like this boy is almost perfect, huh?

However, that doesn’t mean that Arnold can’t be tutored.  This idea can still be work if written properly.  Helga can still give Arnold some writing tips so that he can improve himself (especially if he is in the middle of a writer’s block), to the point where his writing skills are so good that they can win his class a trip to the jungle in “The Jungle Movie”.  -hint hint-

But if you insist that Helga must tutor him in a subject where Arnold may lack talent in relative to Helga, it could be art!  (And maybe have Arnold make a statue of Helga!  Just kidding.)

20. It’s hard to be Mr. Simmons, especially when you have a class that can be as rowdy as the 4th grade class of P.S. 118.  When things get out of hand, you don’t want to be the teacher when the principal, Mr. Wartz, walks in… especially if you don’t want to be fired.  Check out the fanfiction that Simmer2000 has written about this storyline!  Courtesy of Buckysbone who brought this up!


21. In Nickelodeon’s earlier days, “Hey Arnold!” was the 2nd longest running series, with 100 episodes.  Because of its long saga, the cartoon was able to do something that many other cartoons weren’t: expand on its secondary characters, such as Stinky, Rhonda, Iggy, ect.  This is one of the reasons why “Hey Arnold!” is such a great series.  There are many other secondary characters who haven’t gotten their own episode yet, which leaves the door wide open for more episodes.  I recall Craig Bartlett saying he wanted to do an episode about Peapod Kid in one of those online interviews.  (If you can find the url of the specific interview he said that, that would be greatly appreciated).  Courtesy of Nefarious who brought this idea up.

22. Have the 4th grade students of P.S. 118 have a taste of what it’s like to walk in each other’s shoes when their newest school project is to switch houses and trade lives with one another!  Many pairings are possible, and with that comes many possible plotlines.  Go crazy with this plotline and see which pairings you like the best!  Some possible pairings are Arnold x Helga, Arnold x Phoebe, Rhonda x Stinky, and Gerald x Helga.  I would suggest picking out pairings that are the most contrasting, then there would be lots of room for comedy and character development.  Also, MeganKoumori has written a fanfic about this storyline with Arnold switching houses with Helga temporarily, so go check it out.  Courtesy to Hellerick who brought this idea up.


23. Hillwood City is full of urban legends.  What harm can another one do?

24. Big Bob Pataki is always watching “the Wheel”, which is presumably a variant of “Wheel of Fortune”.  What will happen if Bob gets to play in one of his favourite game shows?


25. How did Helga and Phoebe manage to become best friends?  Craig Bartlett once said in an interview that he would like to do an episode where we see them in preschool becoming best friends. 

26. As you know, the HA! sixth season would probably take place between “April Fool’s Day” (April 1) and “The Journal” (Oct 7).  This would mean that sometime in between those episodes, Arnold and the gang would actually turn into 5th graders.  How would their first day as fifth graders be like?


27. Some time in 2008, SquirrelTamer and several other HA! fan-artists collaborated to work on a possible HA/Nicktoon crossover, taking place in a fantasy world.  However, this project never got finished, and it would be a shame to let this work sit unfinished.  My question is: how well could this crossover idea be adapted into a HA! 6th season episode?  In order to do that, the fantasy world/story would have to be told from the perspective of the kids as 4th/5th graders.  And considering it was supposed to be an “epic tale”, this project, if it were animated, would probably be a 1 hour episode.

28. After a minor robbery in the Sunset Arms Boarding House, the boarders try to train Abner into an adequate watchdog.  Er… I mean watchpig.  Somewhat related, Cybra2003 wrote a small drabble on how Abner would be “better than a watchdog”, which is also the title of the fic! 



102 Responses to “Ideas for Season 6 Episodes”

  1. Justine Says:

    OMG!!! Great ideas for episodes for Season 6!! 😀

    These should probably take place after April Fool’s Day, but before The Journal (Oct 7th, when they’re in 5th grade).

    Another idea for an episode!!

    You know the episode Helga on the Couch? Maybe this time, a week or so after April Fool’s Day, Arnold comes in to see Dr. Bliss, and discusses the good/bad times with Helga! 😀

    Here’s a fanfic of it, by DarthRoden aka Carl. Got 142 reviews!!
    Arnold’s Couch Confessions:

  2. Nat Says:

    Interesting ideas for the sixth season’s episodes. A few comments from me, though:

    -#4 sounds somewhat similar to the episode “Deconstructing Arnold”. I believe that the only way to pull that off is to have Arnold gone from the town completely. That way they kids won’t be able to ask him for help in any way at all and he can’t give them any advice in the end.

    -I love that idea for #8.

    -I don’t think Fuzzy Slippers’s identity should be revealed. Fuzzy Slippers is one of THOSE kinds of characters that the audience only hears about, but never actually sees. If the identity of Fuzzy Slippers were to be revealed, that sense of mystery would be taken away from the audience. Besides, if revealed, some members of the audience might be disappointed. I think it’d be better if his identity just remains a mystery.

    Other than that, I’d love to be a writer for this website. There’s nothing that I love more than analyzing one of my fandoms, which obviously includes Hey Arnold!.

  3. Tendra Says:

    Hi guys, thanks for being the first ones to comment on this site. The “Ideas for season 6 episodes” and “Links” page has been updated in response to your comments! Thanks for the input!

    In response to Nat’s comment about idea #4, I agree that it is similar to “Deconstructing Arnold”. However, I felt that Arnold didn’t really learn his lesson (that not all people need his help) because he ended up helping out the gang in the end (i.e. the gang couldn’t solve their own problems). I also actually need Arnold to be in the episode (i.e. in Hillwood) so he can learn his lesson. Hope that cleared things up!

    – Tendra

  4. Justine Says:

    I just thought of this one, Arnie visits AGAIN, and Arnie’s crushing on Helga. Then, Helga asks Arnold to get Arnie to leave her alone. Something like that, mainly a 2nd visitation of Arnie in Hillwood.

  5. Justine Says:

    Another idea: Big Bob and Miriam have a huge fight, causing Miriam to take her belongings and Helga, and to pack up and leave to live at the Sunset Arms Boarding House. Helga realizes her mom loves her, she and Miriam have a mother-daughter bond moment, and Arnold tries to patch things up between Bob and Miriam, so Miriam and Helga could move back with Bob.

  6. Justine Says:

    Ok, another one (not fully developed)! =P

    Helga’s huge fear of rats, discovering how/why her fear of rats began, was caused, etc.

    Maybe Helga sees a rat(s) and Arnold comforts her or something, or tries to get to the bottom of her fear, something along those lines.

    Kinda like when Arnold discovered how much Chocolate Boy loved chocolate, and why.

    Another idea for an episode would be Arnold struggling in English poetry, and Mr. Simmons assigns Arnold a tutor: Helga.

  7. buckysbone Says:

    Where Mr. Simmons gets fired by Principal Wartz, and Arnold and the class try to convince Wartz to hire Simmons back.


    “Poor Mr. Simmons! When Wartz decides that Simmons can’t control his class – Simmons gets fired!”

  8. Nefarious Says:

    I thought that I had a huge cadre of ideas for the sixth season, but this list has most of the mysteries covered. *laughs*

    Still, I have some suggestions left over. Here’s one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

    1) “Bit Characters”
    Now, obviously the show follows Arnold and the gang around because they are really interesting. Some of the main cast of kids are even utterly bizarre. To a lesser extent we have Peapod Kid, Park, Iggy, and a few other honorable mentions. Iggy actually got his own episode, even though he’s generally consigned to the background of any given scene. He rarely even has any lines.

    Expanding a cast too much is usually a bad idea, and some characters better serve the story for having never been fleshed out– However, what if there -was- an episode dedicated to the regular joe student of PS. 118? Take the perspective and put it behind some utterly uninteresting character such as Jeff. The blond kid with glasses that is almost always somewhere in the background of any given episode. It doesn’t have to be him in particular, but what’s it like for him (in all his glorious mediocrity) to watch the “main” kids have all kinds of urban adventures?

    This story could also have starred Brainy, but considering all the inexplicable times he has showed up at random places and his general mysterious nature, I think he should forever and always remain unexplored. Brainy is the closest HA! has ever come to breaking the fourth wall. I mean, he does look right at the camera at the end of “The Haunted Train.”

  9. Gen Says:

    For #19, I think you mean “Tutoring Arnold”, by Azure129 🙂


  10. Nat Says:

    More comments from me:

    -Yes, I think an episode where the kids TRY to reveal the mystery of Fuzzy Slippers’s identity (but ultimately fail) is defintely better than having the kids find out who he really is. It’d be so engaging and just… awesome. It would probably be my favorite sixth season episode if it ever happened.

    -I think #’s 14-15 could potentially be bad episodes, depending on how they’re written. To pull these episodes off with TRUE Craig Bartlett authenticity, they can’t be too fan-influenced and they really have to be considerate of Arnold and Helga’s characters. I think that for Helga’s birthday episode it should actually START on the day of her birthday. I like the idea of her spending the day by herself on this day, so it could be like Arnold accidentally stumbled upon her (as he always does during the most unexpected moments) and she’s, well, you know. Kind of upset. He’s not doing anything, so they end up spending the day together. To add a little twist to this, though, I think it’d be even better if Helga tries her best not to be caught spending the day with Arnold. She’s got to keep her reputation, after all. As for Arnold’s birthday, Helga could very well be the one to plan it. But, like in the Arnold episode I just proposed, she would be silent about planning it. She’d do everything herself and she wouldn’t tell anyone. She’d do everything anonymously.

    -Despite the interesting concept behind #16, I think it’s a little too… overboard. Big Bob, sure, is abusive, but Miriam… Miriam’s already such a pushover. Not to mention a DRUNK of a pushover. I think the only way that Miriam would really explode under Bob’s tendencies is if he did something REALLY terrible like, I don’t know, make some stupid claim that she was cheating on him or something. It’s an interesting concept, but it’d be difficult to work through.

    -Now, #17 is DEFINITELY an episode I’d love to see happen. So much material, so many possibilities. Love it, love it, love it.

    -I don’t think #19 can be plausible. We all know that Helga’s exceptional at English, but Arnold’s not THAT bad either. Both Helga and Arnold are the top two spellers in their class, according to “Spelling Bee.” And we haven’t heard anything about Arnold doing terrible in English either. I’m sure he wouldn’t need a tutor for English. If anything, English is probably Arnold’s best subject. He just seems to be the type of character to excel in English. But, hey, Helga could probably beat him at art (really, a sculpture out of gum? Now, THAT’S talent).

  11. Tendra Says:

    Wow! Thanks to all who’ve written a comment for their input! They’re all great!

    I’ve edited this page in response to all of your comments, which I’m highly grateful for.

    Thanks for making this site such a great hit. I’ve gotten A LOT more visitors than I expected. Almost 400 visitors within the first 4 days I announced this site on ONLY the HA! Livejournal! WOW!

    It’s very, very great to know that there are still a lot of active fans of HA!, and that’s an understatement.


    – Tendra

  12. Gen Says:

    I dunno- Arnold mentions he likes art too, and I dunno who designed his room, but have you looked at it lately? (lol, I think he did it…)
    He might have great artistic talents too, but maybe they just haven’t been shown as much/displayed blatantly in the show like Helga’s has? He does seem to have a thing for music too… :m

  13. Mony Says:

    Actually, it was mentioned in Azure’s fic how she got the idea of Arnold being bad at poetry in particular. I mean, even if you’re good at english and essays it doesn’t mean you’re automatically great at poetry as well. Anyway, she mentions the episode in which Arnold’s grandpa and Big Bob have the golf competition. Grandpa asks Arnold to help him come up with a poem for the last hole and what Arnold comes up with isn’t all that great XD Even Grandpa mentions that it’s “the worst, most stupidest poem I’ve ever heard”

  14. Nat Says:

    To Gen: Yeah, that’s true.
    To Mony: Lol! You’re right, actually. English, analysis, and writing essays/short stories are things that I do quite well. Yet I’m terrible at rhyming. That’s why I don’t use rhyming schemes in my poems, lol. Hey, yeah, maybe Arnold could use some help in being more poetic.

    I like commenting:

    1. Haha! I like that! The comic is great.

    20. Haven’t gotten around to reading that fanfic yet, but I will when I have time (and when it’s not midnight)

  15. carlin Says:

    yeah im up for that but you;ll have to convince nick though and run it through craig, but hey he knows we’re tryin to help, yeah they canceled arnold with unsolved mysteries of you would have to worry getting back the original cast which is gonna be hard, it would be nice if we got franny, jamil, justin etc. other than that im with you all the way.

  16. Hellerick Says:

    Nice ideas. But do you realize that for a HA! season we would need about 40 story plots (20 episodes = 40 stories)?

    Anyway, there were several fics about a school project according to which the classmates had to trade their houses to take a taste of each other’s lives. Of course Arnold and Helga end up being paired up for this project. I guess the best fic of that kind is MeganKoumori’s “A Mile In Your Shoes” (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3193664/1/A_mile_in_your_shoes)

    But personally I think it would be more interesting to pair up Helga with Gerald, and Arnold with Phoebe, then we get:

    1. After several in hours in the Johanssens’ residence she’s full of it and snaps (remember Gerald Comes Over episode), and soon the house falls under her rule. (A picture: Helga sits on the sofa, while Jamie O (he wears an apron, and Helga calls him “Jay Mo”; he calls her “ma’am”) is vacuuming the floor, and Timberly hangs on her suspenders.) The trouble is, despite being bullied by Helga, Timberly very soon becomes her huge fan: she wears a pink dress and a bow, puts her hair into Helga-like pigtails, follows her everywhere, mimics her speech, and attempts to bully the people around. It looks so lame, that it makes the real Helga look ridiculous.

    2. Arnold enjoys living with some kind of parents, and the Heyerdahls are very impressed by him, especially by his karate skills. Arnold’s main trouble is the infamous monitor lizard. He has to take him for a morning walk, but it’s difficult to care about somebody who ate up your favorite parrot; not to mention that the lizzard still is trying to chase birds, cats, and dogs with clear nutritional interest. Arnold has a nightmare: the monitor lizzard recites love poetry about him.

    3. Everyone in the boarding house likes Phoebe, especially Grandma. Pookie is in her Eskimo mood, and she’s determined to teach her new apprentice how to live in what she calls “ice jungles”. Once she tells Phoebe that they are going to hunt an apakcux, whatever it is. Phoebe is given a harpoon and is told to lie in wait in the attic, and to shoot between apakcux’s eyes when she’ll see it. It’s pitch black and scary in the attic. When she hears something, Phoebe panics and throws the harpoon; Grandma praises her good shot. Whatever is shot, it is served for supper and tastes weird. Mrs. Kokoshka is worried about Oskar’s absence — he never misses a meal. Suddenly Phoebe is struck with an idea of who she shot and what they are eating. When Oskar finally shows up everyone is surprised by Phoebe’s joyful hysterics: she covers Oskar’s face with kisses. But still, what they ate?

    4. The first thing that surprises Gerald is Helga’s parents ignorance towards him. Second surprise is the door to Helga’s closet: there are three heavy padlocks hanging on it, and it’s sealed up with scary tapes (“HPD – Don’t cross the line – Crime Scene”, “Biohazard”, “High radioactivity”, “NASA – potentially dangerous extraterrestrial contamination”); what could Helga be hiding there? Luckily very soon shows up Olga, she’s excited about having “Lil bro”. Olga is sweet, cute, and charming. Gerald practices his smooth-talking at her, and Olga finds it adorable. When Gerald compliments her hair, she tells him how to treat hair right. Gerald follows her recommendations, and next day he wakes up with amazing hair — it’s smooth, silky, wavy, and *down*. Gerald has a hairdo every girl would die for, and he’s terrified. He learns other side of Olga. She’s annoying, she refuses to see anything wrong in how he looks, and seems fixed on humiliating him: she brings in as many people as possible and is determined to show them Gerald (“Oh, this must be your baby sis you talk about so much!”). Gerald can’t run away — because he can’t allow to be seen like this by somebody he knows, so most of the time he spends hiding from Olga and trying to fix his hairdo. When Helga finally returns she realizes that Big Bob has not noticed her absence — he can’t see the difference between her and Gerald.

    Uh… I guess it’s too long even for a 22-minute story… But I think it would be one heck of an episode.

  17. Nat Says:

    Woah. Hellerick’s episode is GREAT. I don’t know about having it centered around those four characters, though… It’s too long. :/

  18. I agree that Hellerick’s episode sounds very cool, although I’d say keep it at just Helga and Gerald switching houses. They have the most contrast between their homelives and would leave the greater impact.

    I say it’s sort of silly for Phoebe to switch homes, because she never really seems to be annoyed by her family? Arnold, Gerald and Helga have all expressed displeasure with their set ups though and I think Helga and Gerald are the ones who gripe the most.

  19. Hellerick Says:

    Yeah, we definitely need a Helga-Gerald episode, and it could be one. Being fed with each other’s families could bond them 🙂

    Actually I’m not sure what it has to do with Phoebe not being annoyed by her family. Anyway, when I watch this episode in my mind, I don’t really see Phoebe, her story is mostly revealed through phone calls between her and Helga.

    Making the characters trade their houses is a great trick. No matter where you put Rhonda it still turns out cool. What you think would be the best (er… I mean the worst) house for her?

  20. Nat Says:

    I think it’d be intereseting if Rhonda traded houses with Stinky. His setting is completely opposite hers. She’s rich and all urban; Stinky’s from Arkansas and he’s got that Southern/country drawl to him. Plus, his house lokos like a shack, lol.

  21. Hellerick Says:

    It would be called “Rhonda’s Pumkin”. I like it!

  22. Surabhi Says:

    Hellerick’s episode idea is great…so are the one’s above. I’d prefer having Dr. Bliss shoved into the storyline somewhere again like the fic “Arnold’s Couch Confessions” – only it could be set up a few episodes leading to the Jungle Movie…

  23. Hellerick Says:

    Yep, Dr. Bliss is too precious to be forgotten.

    What about holidays? What holiday specials we could have? July 4, maybe?

  24. Nat Says:

    Hm. I don’t think a Fourth of July episode could happen. Arnold’s side of the Thanksgiving episode was that he couldn’t have a normal one, considering that his grandmother always confuses it with… well, Thanksgiving. And I think it’d be rather boring if we went through that again :/ “Oh, no fireworks for me because I’ve got to have Thanksgiving.” It just sounds like the Thanksgiving episode all over again.

    However, I am surprised that there hasn’t been a New Year’s episode. Or, heck, even a “Last Day of School” one. It’d be a great way to end the season! Then the Jungle Movie would finally happen, the Hey Arnold! cartoons would end with the “Last Day of School” episode and then the Patakis would finally air.

    Oh, if we lived in a perfect world…

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Nefarious: Actually, that character’s name is Robert, not Jeff. I would like to know where you heard it was Jeff though.

    Hellerick: Actually, Phoebe no longer has the monitor lizard. She told Helga that her parents would not let her keep it.

    Nat: Actually, Gertie confuses the Fourth of July with Christmas, not Thanksgiving. Ernie is the one who said it: “We don’t get that until the Fourth of July when your grandmother thinks it’s Christmas.” Of course, considering how they realized how much Arnold wanted a real Thanksgiving, I believe they would still go through with a real Fourth of July after what had previously happened. They don’t want to disappoint their grandson. Also, they went through with a real Christmas even though Gertie thought it was a completely different holiday.

  26. Hellerick Says:

    I have re-watched Helga’s Parrot episode (arrgh, it was brilliant!), and yes Phoebe says that she was not allowed to keep the Monster; and in “Principal Simmons” it is seen dragging Eugene through the school hall (therefore probably it lives in PS118 now). But still, Phoebe and Zilla look so cute together — I could not resist.

    And about the holidays… I have to agree with Jennifer — Grandma’s confusing them always was a background gag nothing more. The Thanksgiving episode was about Arnold and Helga giving thanks, and the Christmas episode is about the Christmas spirit: Helga sacrifices her boots, it makes Mr. Baily because he can give these boots to his daughter, and of course it makes his daughter happy, as result Mr. Hyunh and Mai meet each other — it makes them happy, and making them happy makes Arnold happy, and making Arnold happy makes Helga happy — it’s the best Christmas story I can remember, much better than Oscar Wilde’s or O Henry’s — it’s strikingly different from other shows’ Christmas episodes, where nothing but holiday attributes are used (compare with Jimmy Neutron’s Christmas, or CatDog’s Thanksgiving).

    What the July 4th episode would have been about? I think it would have been about independence. E.g.: Helga’s parents went away to spend the holiday with Olga, and Helga learns what what is it like to run the house (and Big Bob’s business?) alone, while her classmates spend time watching parades and fireworks.

  27. Jenny Says:

    I really liked Wendy’s Idea about “auction kids” (especially the part about another girl admiring Arnold; I’ve always wanted 2 see girls fightin’ over him).
    The other Ideas sound awesome 2 🙂
    HATM is actually my favorite moive though even I have 2 admit it could of been better.
    By the way, b-leeve it r not I’m new to the Internet, and I have Muvee auto producer on my computer an’ I made some interrestin’ HA! videos. dere are 2 reasons why I haven’t put ’em on YouTube:
    1 I have NO internet access @ home
    2 I don’t exactly know how 2 put them on the site
    could 1 of U give some advice?
    I luv HA! an’ I want 2 see TJM!

    1. Tendra Says:

      Wendy’s comment accidently got lost, but the good news is that I was able to find it again!

      Here’s what Wendy said:

      “There is an idea…Auction kids
      imagine to Helga trying to buy to Arnold without anyone Account that she is buying him, because she love him According to her, she only do it
      to make him suffer…maybe we can show, a new admirer of Arnold to compete with Helga”

  28. Jenny Says:

    I’d like 2 mention that I’m also gettin’ ready for final exams so I might not get 2 send very many messages. 😦
    But at least I have time 2 do this an’ not have it interfere with my school work 🙂 well 4 now.
    If my videos that I mentioned previously ended up on YouTube, I hope it don’t seem as though I’d be making fun of the series ( such videos as “HA! on Robot Chicken”, “HA! Shin Chan Parody”, “HA! Don’t B Gay”, & “HA! Swine Flu Epidemic”) They were intended to be just silly & seem as though they were on “mature” shows.
    I’d also luv 2 see The Patakis!
    I’m plannin’ on goin’ into the film & Television bussiness myself (yes I’m fully aware of the copy right laws) & I may do several Parodies of HA!, especially the movie based on the Freakin’ Sweet series. 🙂

  29. Jenny Says:

    OMG! I 4got 2 mention I have 2 ideas for fan fic series: 1 “hey Arnold ! does stuff” would be kinda like “family guy Blue harvest” only with HA! characters & it would B more than just Star Wars, it would have things like Lord of the Rings, 300, Junior (ya know, the movie with the pregnant man), & Narnia. That would B “StupidAwesome!” 🙂
    2 A fan fic series about Arnold’s Mom & Dad when they were kids (& yes I know they didn’t meet eachother until they were adults) or maybe somethin’ about His Grandma & Grandpa. That’d B Freakin’ Sweet! 🙂
    By duh way, In the episode “Married” when Helga & Lila were Fightin’ over Arnold, it didn’t really count Because it was but a meer dream sequence!
    For those U dat may of seen HATM, in the scene were Helga was in the attic with her shirne, if U look towards the center of the screen (full or wide doesn’t matter) U can C a pair of “Boy Panties” in an ant farm when she & da shrine are viewed from a profile! Ya think she had a “Boy Pantie Raid” in Arnold’s Room?
    Also, towards the end of da Film, After Helga tells him she “hates” him & she storms off, jugdin’ by da look on his face I’d say dat he WAS Cheakin’ ‘er out!!!! OMG!!

  30. Jenny Says:

    OMG! I 4got something again!:(
    I wrote a “manual Letter” 2 Nick Mag regarding the subject of HA! & TJM. 🙂
    If Mr. Bartlett somehow ends up readin’ this I want 2 make it clear that he doesn’t have 2 go with my ideas if they interfere with his original plot, I’d understand if he didn’t go with the ideas I proposed in my Nick Mag letter. after all, they were more like suggestions. 🙂
    I also want 2 say that I plan 2 go 2 college after high school. I sent the letter not long B4 the May 2009 issue came out, so just a heads up, it may B in June/July 2009 🙂
    Seriously, it would B a shame not 2 see Miles & Stella on a 20 or 30 foot screen, they so kick @$$ 🙂 Aw Man! “Dis really Bites” (Not having TJM, I mean) 😦
    I just realized somethin’, Curly & Helga have some similar visual trates. Ya think they might B realated? or is it but a mere “ka winky dink”?

  31. buckysbone Says:

    There could be an episode where Phoebe wants to go with Gerald to a movie, (ask him out), but she wants Helga to ask Arnold (or) Gerald for her, due to her fear of rejection and shyness.

    Gerald and Phoebe will be so busy on each other, that Arnold and Helga don’t know what to do for plans outside of school.

    Something along those lines I guess. 😛

  32. Nat Says:

    I like Bucky’s idea. : D

    (Yay, the first non-critical comment from me, whoo!)

  33. Hellerick Says:

    My favorite episode is “Arnold Visits Arnie”. Could you propose something concerning Hilda and/or Arnie?

    Something like “Road Trip: Finally There” (Helga comes to visit her grandparents in South Dakota and finds out that her cousin has a crush on Arnold’s cousin) or “Hilda visit Helga” (”Oh Helga, I don’t understand why you don’t like Arnold so much, he’s almost as cute as MY Arnold… You think I could ask him out?”)… Hm, probably the latter is better — I would like to see Arnold when he saw “the girl of his dreams” (literally).

  34. Nat Says:

    But… The girl of his dreams was technically Helga, lol. Hilda was a romantic and a sensitive one to boot. She just wasn’t all bully-like, the way Helga is. Arnold’s subconscious is getting to him, bahaha.

  35. Hellerick Says:

    There is a recently published story in Russian, it’s “Love Potion” by Ann-Rose: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4865174/1/

    It’s about Helga becoming regular visitor of Madame Blanche’s shop: she tries several magic treatments to enchant Arnold, every time more expensive, but every time happens something she hasn’t expected, and the magic affects Brainy, not Arnold (every time Brainy becomes more and more annoying). Finally Helga manages to blow “magic powder” into Arnold’s face, only to find out that he’s allergic to it. Arnold gets sick and is sent home. Helga finds him and apologizes. Arnold accepts the apology, and suggests her to go to the park together (i.e. the magic powder worked — through Helga’s apology).

  36. Jennifer Says:

    Tendra: You might be able to find that exact chat at http://hillwoodcit-ha.net/files.php

    I have a few of them there… they are long and tedious to read through though.

  37. Jennifer Says:

    Hellerick: Yeah, you’re right, I did. Sorry about that, I was trying to type fast because I had to get off the Internet quickly.

  38. Justine (Buckysbone) Says:

    I just thought of another episode. Well…maybe this should be for The Patakis, but Helga is doing a play, or a talent show (or some school event that Helga’s participating in, her time to shine if you will). At the same night, Olga has a big performance musical show, in which she’s a main character. But she cancels that, in order to show up for Helga’s thing. She wants to show Helga that she really does care for Helga. This kind of proves it to Helga, she realizes that Olga does care.

    BTW, for us, MCAS exams are taken middle of April, or during May, so after April Fools’ Day, but before The Journal.

    Another thought, would be Arnold’s class’ transition to 5th grade, on their first day of school. Then, they realize Mr. Simmons is their teacher AGAIN!

    Maybe, Harold is getting poor grades again…enough to keep him back another year, or summer school?? Maybe Patty or Arnold can help him or something?

    Another idea, is Helga’s fear of rats, and Arnold tries to help her somehow. Or maybe he comforts her?

    Thirdly, in my state, grades 4-8 have to take an intense exam that takes a few days, called MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) Maybe Arnold’s class get’s prepared taking it, and they all have different ways of being stressed out. If Hillwood takes place in Washington, it could be called WCAS. LOL.

    Fourthly, ANOTHER visit from Olga? As usual, Arnold advises Helga that things will be better this time, and in the end, it does. I was thinking maybe Olga helps Helga with homework, or maybe Olga bails Helga out of something? I’m still deciding.

    Please post your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. I hope you like it so far.

  39. sueKay Says:

    Here’s a couple of ideas…

    I’m sure I read a fanfic where Big Bob’s Beepers goes broke and Helga has to move into the sunset arms…I think that’d make a great episode!

    Or…how about an episode where Arnold tries to help Curly become more normal, and goes to his house, meets his family…and ends up becoming slightly crazy himself? Maybe Arnold could end up with a bowl cut…

    Okay that idea sucks, but I think it’d be funny

  40. Hellerick Says:

    Interesting ideas 😀

    BTW, there was a guy on a Russian forum — he was seeking for Hey Arnold! episode. According to him it was about the gang organizing a band (Harold was on drums, Eugene played guitar etc.), but they failed because Rhonda had made ridiculous costumes for them (purple and futuristic). I suspect that this guy’s memories leaked from a parallel universe (maybe they have the sixth season there). It sometimes happens, e.g. I remember the prologue to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, even though it does not exist in this universe.

  41. Hellerick Says:

    The J.A.M. issued a challenge to the HA! community, it’s discussed here:


    He wants somebody to write a story in which Arnold and Helga end up stranded on a deserted island, similar to “Unrequited Love” by 1000th Ghost, but more focused on the island adventures, i.e. a kind of Robinsonade. I proposed the island to be the Elk Island, and gave some ideas about how I see it. BunniGirl liked the idea, she said she was going to use it in some of the later chapters of “Hey Let’s Switch Turns!”. She also pointed out:

    “Somehow being stranded on Elk’s Island is profoundly histerical because I can so image that happening in the actual series. The gang as usual gets on Elk’s, finds an abandoned cabin during the storm, and are stranded for a duration of time is so Craig Bartlett. I can even feel like it was meant to be season’s six predestined Halloween episode.”

  42. funnybones021 Says:

    I liked the idea about Helga’s fear of rats.

    Washington’s version of a pointless state test is called the WASL (I don’t remember what the acronym stands for). I remember taking the WASL in the 4th grade and it was more boring than stressful. But our teacher did throw us a little party after the test was all over.

  43. funnybones021 Says:

    You know, I was just thinking about the comment I made before. I just wanted to clarify that I think the test is pointless, not your idea. It’s a good idea. Sorry if there was any confusion lol.

  44. Jenny Says:

    Hi! me again! I’m sorry to inform you (yet this is unsurprizing) that my letter wasn’t put in Nick Mag Now that I think of it, I should of wrote 2 New York were you guys may of wrote; I’ll do that & provide a copy of my Nick Mag letter in case it wasn’t forwarded 2 them. I had just recently read some of Mr. Bartlett’s Original Arnold comics. I LUV ‘EM! Craig if u end of readin’ this YOU’RE A GENIOUS! (well, atleast I think so!)

  45. Jenny Says:

    OMG! I 4got! I must mention that the ideas I proposed in the Nick Mag letter would probably make a better Fan fiction, I read “Helga’s luv Story” (all 11 parts)” & I luved it! It was very well written!

  46. hellerick Says:

    I have this vague idea… I can’t tell details but generally it’s something like this:

    Arnold meets a pleasant rich elderly couple (BTW, have you noticed that he’s friends with many rich and famous people?). He tells them about his life, school, and about a girl he likes very much — Lila. Once they hear Lila’s description, the couple becomes excited — they recognize in Lila their long lost granddaughter, and ask Arnold to organize their meeting.

    Arnold tells Lila about the news, and she’s shocked too — unpleasantly shocked. She tells Arnold that her maternal grandparents had disowned their daughter after she married a poor man — her father — instead of a rich guy they had in mind. After her mother died, her influential grandparents insisted Lila to stay with them, to live a rich life her mother repulsed, and were not letting her father to see her. Lila’s father had no other choice but “kidnap” her and flee on the other side of the country. For several years Lila and her father were traveling, too afraid to stay in the same place for too long. That’s until they decided it was safe already and they settled down in Hillwood. But now, thanks to Arnold, their location is revealed, and they would have to move again.

    Somehow an idea comes up when it’s remembered how well Helga was imitating Lila during “Helga’s Masquerade”.

    So, Arnold does organize the meeting of Lila and her grandparents, but instead of Lila he takes dressed up Helga. Helga loves it: she pretends to be Arnold’s girlfriend, and takes full advantage of it. Plus, she makes fun of Lila, mocking her behavior. Helga, pretending to be Lila, demonstrates all the faults and vices a girl can have — until “her” grandparents are fed up, and leave, stating that they don’t want to have anything in common with this girl, and they don’t want to see her ever again.

    Lila’s happy. And Arnold can’t help but repeat in mind all the flirty moments of the insane evening.

  47. VollendJatara Jenny Says:

    If anyone tried 2 send me an email & wonders Y I may not of responded, I may not of got them 😦
    But, I chanced the email address slightly so it might come through the next time 🙂
    I still think Mr. Bartlett’s a genius ( Did I spell it right this time?). Seriously, most of my inspiration came from him ( but that doesn’t mean I’d illeagally copy his work! 🙂 ). It would be pretty cool 2 meet him someday ( not that it’s on my “bucket list” or anythin’ , but playin’ Pacman, visting that Will Vinton exbit, Visting &/or working @ wut is now known as Laika, and other stuff like that is, if the future was more certain 4 me I’d definatly put that @ da top of it {meetin’ Mr. Bartlett I mean}).

  48. VollendJatara Jenny Says:

    o Thanks 4 tellin’ me!  U guys sound a lot like me!
    o I’m currently writing “New Girl on the block”/ “Helga’s Rival”. I think this may make a good comic, but I’m not very good @ drawing extremely tiny panels. I was thinking I could draw some storyboards/illustrations 4 this fanfiction, so 1 of U could make a comic loosely based upon my “labor of love”. I may not get to write 2 U guys much over da summer.  VollendJatara Jenny and Jenny are both me, but U can call me Jenny. There are thousands of Jennys in the world, so I don’t think any perverts will know which one I am.
    o I remember in the episode “The Journal” ( my fav episode ever  ) there was an interesting quote, “ Call me a Romantic, but I think we’re perfect 4 Each other” , that was very cute. I hope Craig & Lisa feel the same way about each other.  Speakin’ of Mr. Bartlett, he seems 2 have a lot in common with me!  So much in common it’s “Scary”, yet kewl  (well, except I’m a Scorpio, not a Libra). Viva HA! & Sith Happens! 

  49. VollendJatara Jenny Says:

    o Thanks 4 tellin’ me!  U guys sound a lot like me!
    o I’m currently writing “New Girl on the block”/ “Helga’s Rival”. I think this may make a good comic, but I’m not very good @ drawing extremely tiny panels. I was thinking I could draw some storyboards/illustrations 4 this fanfiction, so 1 of U could make a comic loosely based upon my “labor of love”. I may not get to write 2 U guys much over da summer.  VollendJatara Jenny and Jenny are both me, but U can call me Jenny. There are thousands of Jennys in the world, so I don’t think any perverts will know which one I am.
    o I remember in the episode “The Journal” ( my fav episode ever  ) there was an interesting quote, “ Call me a Romantic, but I think we’re perfect 4 Each other” , that was very cute. I hope Craig & Lisa feel the same way about each other.  Speakin’ of Mr. Bartlett, he seems 2 have a lot in common with me!  So much in common it’s “Scary”, yet kewl  (well, except I’m a Scorpio, not a Libra). Viva HA! & Sith Happens! 
    I resubmitted this comment because the original didn’t paste quite right. the words & phases sorta got jumbled all weird. I just wanted 2 make sure that whom ever reads it understands wut I said.
    I don’t want 2 give too much of the fanfiction I’m writing, but there might be a little crude humor (such as someone saying “okay, but if U 2 want 2 make a baby U got 2 get married 1st”), but don’t worry fans of Arnold X Helga even if da ending don’t say whether or not they end up 2gether, dat doesn’t mean they won’t. Let’s just say, dat the ending may leave U hangin’. there may also be a little “inuendo” ( such as someone saying “no wait, I have 2 draw you”, & the other person starting 2 untie their shoes{implying they were gonna take off their clothes}but some1 would say “oh no, please, keep UR clothes on, we’re 9 goin’ on 10{this would imply that it was either not long b4 or after “the journal” & perhaps it would b around the time of the essay contest}). Let’s just say there’s also a “Yo Mama fight” between Helga & Jane. any of U let me know wut U think. Oh, I also like the “helga’s ratphobia” idea alot! has any1 wrote a fanfic about dis yet?

  50. VollendJatara Jenny Says:

    Oh yeah! If HA! Does stuff was 2 ever b produced it would b very expensive due 2 royalty fees. Just wanted 2 let U guys Know I know. Why am I so forgetful sometimes? Perhaps it’s excitement.:) By the way, I’m not half this bold in person; I’m a bold writer, but a shyish crappy speaker, but if wut I’m sayin’ is pre-written or practiced multiple times, I’m not so bad.

    1. Tendra Says:

      That’s good. Practice makes perfect, afterall (or so we would like to hope 😀 )

      Can’t wait to see your stories!

      – Tendra

    2. Dennis Says:

      I’m going to change this. The 5th grade girls will have names.

  51. ElegantVamp Says:

    I have an idea! I don’t know if it’s already been done, but what if Eugene has a day where nothing bad happens to him? You know, where he falls down, raises his hand in the air and says, “…I’m okay.”

    Here’s one more. (sorry I don’t have more detail, they’re kind of just randomly popping into my head) You know how this show, a lot of the times gives you a feel on life, and tackles heavy issues? Like it’s been hinted that Helga lives in a slightly abusive/dysfunctional home? What if a bully that we haven’t seen in a while, like Big Patty or Torvald (from Tutoring Torvald) comes down with an illness, and doesn’t have a lot of money for treatment, since it seems he lives in a bad neighborhood, so Arnold decides to have a fundraiser, much to the disapproval of everyone else in the group. Of course he gets treated and gets better by the end.

    I realize it may be too…er… “dark” for this, but it’s just an idea.

    ~Thanks! 🙂

  52. Angelucci Says:

    OMG! i love the idea. I want the Jungle Movie so bad, i want arnold to turn 10. I think people were dissapointed by the movie that they stopped watching the show. But so what?… i’ve trying to contact Craig but i don’t get any answer from him. Now he works for PBS kids and he created a Show for preschoolers Dinasour Train. and there’s a Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0squLBH5ytk

    1. Tendra Says:

      Thanks for that link! That Dinosaur Train cartoon is cute!

      Anyways, I’m not sure if you know about the Hey Arnold 6th Season Project, but if you don’t, please check it out at http://ha6s.wordpress.com

      Many of us are in the middle of making some HA! 6th season episodes in comic form, so if you can, join us!

      1. vollendjatara9jenny Says:

        OMG I would of LUVED Dinosaur Train as a Kid! 😀 Heck! I LUVZ IT NOW! 😀

  53. acemcjace169 Says:

    There should be an episode where Helga gets bullies by older students, and Arnold and the other students could stand up for her or something. I think it would make for some great drama and laughs.

  54. acemcjace169 Says:

    Oh-yeah, let me guess. The robber in idea #28 is Helga isn’t it. I mean, she has broken into Arnold’s on several occactions.

  55. acemcjace169 Says:

    How about an episode where Wolfgang gets sent back to the 4th grade. The 5th graders stop hanging out with him and he is force to be in the same class as Arnold and his friends. Principal Wartz tells him that he will be allowed to return to the 5th grade if his grades improve.

    On Wolfgang’s next big test which could be his ticket back to the 5th grade. He decides to try and take the easy way out by cheating. He makes Helga tell him who the smartest kid in class is. Helga tells Wolfgang that the smartest kid is Stinky.

    Wolfgang’s test comes out so bad that Principal Wartz threatens to keep him in the 4th grade for the remainder of the year. Mr. Simmons convinces Wartz to give Wolfgang one last chance to return to the 5th grade. Either he passes his next big test or he will stay in the 4th grade.

    Even a tough guy like Wolfgang would get desperate at this point. With no other choice, he accepts the help offered by Arnold who over heard his situation.

    There could be a teamwork morale here. The test that Wolfgang has to take covers everything in the 4th grade which turns out to be a lot. Arnold realizes that he can’t do this alone, so he gets the rest of the class to help get Wolfgang ready for his big test. Arnold could help him with math, Helga could help him with English, Gerald could help him with history (since he knows so many urban legends), and Sid, Stinky and Harold try to help him with science (for laughs). Through this he learns about teamwork.

    When Wolfgang wants to play baseball, the 5th graders don’t allow him on their team, so he joins the 4th graders. When they play against the 5th graders, they lose because Wolfgang, being a one man show, doesn’t use teamwork. After learning the importance of teamwork from studying by the 4th graders, he puts it into good use on the field while waiting for the results of his big test.

    Wolfgang passes with an A and returns to the 5th grade. He reclaims his spot of “gang leader” and things go back to the way they were for the most part.

    One possible change that could occur could be Wolfgang’s game plan. With him leading the 5th grade team again, they start winning a lot more games using teamwork.

    Helga: Thanks a lot football head! Now we lose almost every game we play.
    Arnold: It’s okay Helga. We did the right thing and that’s all that matters.

    Or something like that…Thanks for reading.

  56. foureyedshroom Says:

    Sorry if this seems off-topic, but I didn’t know where else to put it..

    I don’t really like the idea of Arnold and Helga breaking up in The Patakis (why not a long distance relationship instead?)

    I mean, after all those seasons of Helga trying to win Arnold’s love (and her difficulty of confessing to him) I think it’ll be kind of a “waste of time” if they did break up… gah.. hard to explain! But you know what I mean, right?

  57. foureyedshroom Says:

    Isn’t “The Journal” the last episode, not “April Fool’s”?

    1. Tendra Says:

      I believe so. “The Journal” was the last episode to be produced.

      1. vollendjatara9jenny Says:

        Yes, but it wasn’t the last 2 air; either way after April Fools (now that I think about it, “Helga’s Rival” should take place about April 2nd or so)

  58. vollendjatara9jenny Says:

    Sorry it’s been so long (& my usename changed again),YAY! I finally have my own account! 😀 Still working on “Helga’s Rival”
    I’m in the middle or so of writing it. I’ll put it on Fanfiction.net when I’m done with it.

    1. Tendra Says:

      Can’t wait to see it!

      1. vollendjatara9jenny Says:

        U know, I’ve even created a design 4 Jane (I should put some pictures of her on deviant art asap); it may seem a lil’ odd, but she, unlike the other characters,she has visable irises (not sure whether 2 make them blue or green, but leanin’ towards green)& her design style is “slighty” more like the Don Bluth style, but still pretty true 2 the HA! style. come 2 think of it, in the typical opening sequence of the series, if you look close enough, @ 1 of the brick walls there appears 2 be a woman (with visable irises) holding a “Yahoo soda bottle”,hmm…, maybe that’s where Jane’s design came from, & maybe She is related 2 the “Yahoo soda lady” biologically somehow. 😀

  59. arisjackson Says:

    Awesome Ideas!

    I would like to help but…. it would be kinda hard for me to translate it xD
    Or maybe not…

    Well… I think you’re accepting new Ideas, arent ya? 😀 😀

    1. Tendra Says:

      We’re always accepting new ideas 😉

      Never too late to join us, y’know 😀



  61. Moira Says:

    I’ve been wanting to get this out for a long time, but I wanted to comment on the #4 idea. That whole bit does sound like “Deconstructing Arnold,” and I know Arnold loves to help people and usually knows how to do it. But his friends have to know that one day, Arnold isn’t going to be around to help them with their problems, and they have to learn to do it on their own, that they can’t always rely on Arnold for answers. That’s also the place where Arnold has to realize that he can’t always help people solve problems, but maybe he can encourage them to learn to do it on their own. Arnold may help people by usually butting into their business, but he also has to learn to stay out of it, especially if people don’t want him to interfere. He needs to be assertive and not give in to helping all the time. Yes, he is a great help and at giving advice, but he should probably put it aside when the occasion really calls for it.

    I’ve actually posted a topic in the discussion forum on how Arnold’s crush on Lila is over, and no one else may know, especially Lila and Helga. I don’t see any harm in having Lila know because she may think Arnold is leading her on with him still holding a crush that is over, though if she knew, would she be hurt or relieved since “I have said oh-so many times I just don’t like you like you.” And I think it would be good if Helga knew as well because it would give a good setup to TJM because she could know that there is no one standing in her way anymore of getting Arnold, especially “Little Miss Perfect!” Of course, I have no idea how she could find out, except it wouldn’t be good if Arnold told her directly because then it might bring up an awkward moment between them due to the FTi incident.

    I also really like the idea of Arnold seeing Dr. Bliss about Helga, and I read the aforementioned fanfic. I mean, Arnold is a smart kid and seems to know his psychology, but when it comes to his feelings for Helga, I think it’s still a subject that he could use help with to sort out his feelings for her, especially in the end of TJM. I just think it would be a big help to lead up to the end of the film so that he can come to terms with his feelings and reciprocate them to her, though I agree that the pacing of their relationship should go slow, and that Arnold’s confession wouldn’t be exactly like Helga’s in HATM. He would only begin to return her feelings based on what he has endured from her in the past, but gradually his feelings will be equal to the amount of feelings she has for him.

  62. Mykayla Says:

    For the first episode of Season 6, I thought it could be an Arnold, Helga and Gerald cartoon. Probably a bonding episode because they are the main characters, but they don’t have many episodes where they’ve bonded. The title of the episode will be called They’re Baaack!. I thought it could add some humor to the title as well as the episode. I think the episode should be about Arnold, Helga and Gerald reminiscing about their past and the great times they had growing up together. Flashbacks of them in pre-school of how they met and who they also met could be shown. Also sharing some secrets about each other. The three can also make up a little short about what high school will be like and what they will look like as teenagers. A small little clip will be shown of what their high school days will be like. Throughout the episode, there can be some songs that Jim Lang composed from the soundtrack like Back To School, Time To Leave, Giddyup And Away, Funky Rags and the Parent’s Day Theme. Those pieces are some of my favorites. At the end of the episode, the trio could have a special bonding moment where they remember the laughs they shared growing up together. That’s my idea of what the first episode could be about. THE END!! Phew!!I’m pooped.:P Tell me what you think!

  63. Mykayla Says:

    Here are some spots in the first episode of Season 6 (They’re Baaack!) where the songs I mentioned could go:

    Back To School-Play at the beginning of the episode at the title sequence.

    Giddyup And Away-Play at the clips of when they were in pre-school.

    Funky Rags-Play at the part where they’re entering high school.

    Time To Leave-Play at the part where they realezed they are growing up.

    Parent’s Day Theme-Play at the part where they think back on all the good times they had together and enjoyed them.

    Do you think I should change the matching? If so, reply back to me.

  64. bkesch Says:

    it would be nice an episode where arnold realizes that the girl he went out with that valentine’s day was helga! i would love to watch the development of that idea… ❤

  65. linesinaconversation Says:

    These are some fascinating ideas! Kinda tough to read knowing that we are not likely to ever see them animated, but it does make me want to start reading some HA! fanfiction, even though I tend to stay away from that sort of thing.

    I don’t have much in the way of ideas to contribute, but to add to the idea of Sid and Stinky fighting over a girl, (which I LOVE, because a love triangle like that has never really come up) I don’t feel that Lila would be the best fit. At first glance it seems like she would be the only one that would work, but then I thought, “What about Nadine?”

    I found Nadine to be a criminally underused character, only having one focus episode (“Best Friends”) and I would have liked to have gotten to know her a little more extensively. Her interest in insects seems to fit with both of them as well, considering Sid’s love of frogs and Stinky’s country mindset. It could even conclude with a call-back to the briefly hinted at Nadine-Peapod Kid connection from “Married,” where the two of them are shown with affection for each other akin to that of Phoebe and Gerald.

    Maybe this is something I should look into more extensively myself…

  66. raquel Says:

    WOW I love all of these ideas. With your permission, I want to start making possibly some comics of these. I think I’ll start tomorrow with the 1st one 🙂

  67. Alyssa Says:

    Idea of mine: Helga finally confesses her love for Arnold and much to our surprise–she takes it well. She didn’t cry nor did she leave heartbroken. Rather, she felt relieved and got it out of her system. Arnold didn’t feel the same way about Helga but does care about her a lot. Helga moves on with her life and remained friends with Arnold.

    ^ I wanted to write it but sadly, I have no time to do so.

  68. Alyssa Says:

    What about Mr Smith? Has anyone forgotten about him?

  69. Galadriel Says:

    Oh my gosh these Idea’s are awesome!

    Infact I’m trying to write a ‘the Patakis’ fanfictions and some of these ideas would be awesome!

    1. Tendra Says:

      Hi Galadriel,

      Glad it gave you some inspiration! Feel free to use them.

      If you are also interested, we also have an actual HA! project called the HA! Sixth Season Project. It focuses on making sixth season episode in comic form. The website for more information can be seen here: http://ha6s.wordpress.com/



      1. Galadriel Says:

        Thanks so much!

  70. Jenna Says:

    I was thinking of one where Mr. Hyunh goes to spend the day with his daughter, Mai (this would take place somewhere after Arnold’s Christmas). He sees where she’s lived (and the family she’s lived with) since they were separated. At first, he’s a little wary, but after spending some more time with them (and possibly talking with Arnold), he sees that they are really good people. This could be an important episode concerning makeshift families (a common theme in the show), as well as an opportunity to reintroduce Mai into the series and develop her character.

    1. Tendra Says:

      That is an awesome episode idea 🙂 I like it!

  71. Hannah Says:

    I think there should be a futuristic episode where it shows helga and arnold in there teen years. A futuristic Episode of April Fools Day!

  72. ** 63 ** servers have been shut down, leaving
    WAR with only 9 active servers. The second dating game is to take advantage of the
    commitment-phobe excuses. I learned in counseling school that there is no such thing as cause and effect.

  73. The ideas for these episodes are great! I wrote an episode a couple of months ago where Mr. Hyunh’s daughter Mai returns and she’s getting married. I would love to see her character again.

  74. kurochan Says:

    You know i always think that if Hey Arnold continue after the movie. they could have more episodes that Arnold start to understand what kind of feelings he has for Helga.
    Something like that there’s a new boy in the school and turns out that he and Helga get along so well, that everyone start to think that they are dating or something like that, making Arnold feel jealous about it.
    I like this idea because is Helga is always the one who feel jealous, and i want to see Arnold in that situation.

  75. Dennis Says:

    They should do Hey Arnold Season 6

  76. Thomas Brown Says:

    if I was writing an episode for Hey Arnold season 6, (episode 7) Phoebe Hall monitor 2,

    she’s in charge of Gerald filed until Wolfgang and the 5th graders showed up,

    Phoebe was prepared to fight the 5th graders, the first 5th grader to get hit by Phoebe was Edmond, 2nd was the blonde headed 5th grader, 3rd was the one in the cowboy hat, 4th the one in the green hat, 5th the Asian 5th grader, 6th the one in the red jumper, 7th the one with curly red hair, 8th the one with black hair, 9th the one who wears the stripy jumper, 10th Mickey the Weasel.
    Wolfgang was shock, that his friends got beaten by a 4th grader. he tried to punch her, but she ducked. she uses her punching skills to give him a piece of her mind. She said to him hail the queen. She looked at the other 5th graders, who were still spooked by what she did to them. They all ran away from her. the 4th graders were cheering and laughing. 3 cheers for Phoebe said Helga.

  77. Thomas Brown Says:

    Girls in the 5th grade, in Wolfgang’s class there age 10 or 11

    Girl 1-Blonde hair, wears green dress, pink skirt, pink head band, white and yellow trainers, she’s the leader of the pack. she has a strong hatred towards the girls from 4th grade, especially Helga G Pataki, she describes her as queen of the brats.

    Girl 2-Brown hair (ponytail), blue dress, white trainers, she is the aggressive one out of the class, it’s unknown who she has a crush on. like girl 1 she has a strong hatred of Helga G Pataki. she and girl 5 plotted against her.

    Girl 3-Curly Brown hair, pink and red dress (striped) wears green shoes, pink lipstick, she has a dislike for Helga, Lila, Rhonda and Phoebe, she hates Helga for not apologising for spilling orange juice on her new trainers, Rhonda for winning the school election, Phoebe for beating up the boys in her class and Lila for getting her and girl 2,4 and 9 in trouble. but she wants revenge on them.
    Girl 4-Straight Black hair, with yellow clips, red dress, green sandals, she has a dislike for Lila possibly because she told the principle that she was the one who did the graffiti, she may have a crush on the Asian 5th grader. She has his picture in her locker.

    Girl 5-Red hair,(curly) Pink and yellow dress, blue sandals, she loves make up, sleepovers, hanging out with her friends, clothes shopping, and talking about boys, she has a picture of Helga on her wall, with darts all over her face.
    she has a crush on 5th grader boy, the one with curly red hair.

    Girl 6-Brunette hair, red and green dress, Yellow shoes, she has a strong hatred towards Helga G Pataki, she once tripped Helga over. but Helga retaliated. she has a crush on 5th grader boy, the one in the red jumper.

    Girl 7-Black hair, (pigtails) wears a red and blue dress, with hearts on it, green high heels, wears a pink beret on her head. she lives near girl 3. she knew all her friends since kindergarten. she has a strong dislike towards Helga.

    Girl 8-Blonde hair, talks in a Italian accent, wears a pink and white dress, similar to Helga’s, she wears a red ribbon. wears red lipstick, wears pink shoes, she was born and raised in Italy. She moved to America when she was 3-years-old. she calls Helga a witch. she has a crush on 5th grader boy, the blonde haired one. she hates Helga the most. she wants to marry him in her Country (Italy) her photo of him is in her locker.

    Girl 9-Brown hair, wears a purple and pink dress, her shoes are red. she wears a Pink cowgirl hat with flowers on them. she has a crush on the 5th grader boy, the one in the cowboy hat. she throws stuff at Helga. she has his photo in her locker, she dreams that herself and her crush will one day get married.

    Girl 10-Red hair-pigtails similar to Lila’s, she wears a pink and green dress, wears red shoes, she is seen carrying a pink and red handbag, she sees Helga as her worse enemy.

    Girl 11-Black hair, wears green and yellow dress, wears green high heels, blue headband. wears red lipstick, she may have a crush on 5th grader boy, the one in the green hat. her enemy is Rhonda Lloyd Wellington, but her biggest enemy is Helga

    Girl 12- Red Hair, wears a red and white dress, pink shoes, has a green and pink handbag, her ribbon is green. she loves getting her nails done. she always throws stuff at Helga G Pataki
    Girl 13-Blonde Hair, wears a red and Silver dress, green shoes, she has a passion for clothes, with her friends. she hates Helga G Pataki. she has a crush on 5th grader boy, the one with the black hair.

    Girl 14-Red hair, wears a green dress, red and black headband, pink shoes, she has a pink scarf, she has a strong hatred towards Helga.

    Girl 15-Black hair, green hairclips, red dress, pink high heels, she has a passion for make up, she hates Helga, cause she accidently drop apple pie on her once.

    Girl 16-Brown curly hair, talks in a Spanish accent, wears green dress, blue shoes, she was born and raised in Spain, she moved to America with her family when she was 4-years-old.

    Girl-17-Red hair, wears green and blue dress, pink high heels, she has a British accent, she was born and raised in London. she moved to America with her parents when she was only 2-years-old.

    Girl 18-Blonde hair, wears a blue dress, has pink shoes, she hates Helga, she wants to give her a beat down she will never forget.

    Girl 19-Brown hair (pigtails) wears yellow dress, green shoes, She has pink lipstick. she has a hatred of Helga. she will karate chop her.

    Girl 20-Red hair, wears a Blue and White dress, white shoes, she loves doing shopping with her friends. she hates Helga G Pataki.

    1. Dennis Says:

      The friendship between Wolfgang and the 5th graders.

      Wolfgang and Edmond-they have been friends since pre-School, he would abuse him due to his stupidity. Also Wolfgang will always be there for him.

      Wolfgang and Mickey the Weasel-these two would always get up to mischief. He told Mickey to make sure Chocolate boy dosent eat any chocolate. Mickey planted stink bombs in Wartz office when he was in 1st grade. Them two have still remained friend since.

      Wolfgang and the one in the green hat-Wolfgang has described him as one of his closest friends. They share secrets. Like Wolfgang he hates the fourth graders. Wolfgang knows that he has a crush on one of the girls in their class.

      Wolfgang and the one in the cowboy hat-Wolfgang describes him as one of his closest friends. These two love playing practical jokes on people especially on Arnold and the fourth graders. Wolfgang knows that he has a crush on the girl with the cowgirl hat. In their class.

      Wolfgang and Asian 5th grader-Wolfgang describes him as also one of his closest friend, ever since kindergarten they played in the sand. When they were in 2nd grade. They would chase Arnold and the gang.

      Wolfgang and the blonde haired 5th grader-them two bonded over there love of pranks and their hatred of the fourth graders. When it comes to pranks, the blonde haired will always snigger.

      Wolfgang and the curly red haired 5th grader-them two always have each others back, they always love causing chaos, he always throw water bombs on the 4th graders, especially Stinky. He hates curly, because his annoying.

      Wolfgang and the brown bowled hair 5th grader-them two are the best of friends, since 3rd grade, he glued the teachers chair. These two have been close since pre-school.

      Wolfgang and the one with black hair-like Wolfgang he loves practical jokes, these two have been friends since they were in pre-school.

    2. Dennis Says:

      Julie-blonde haired, wears a red dress, she’s a fifth grader, she has a crush on the 5th grader, blonde haired one.

  78. Thomas Brown Says:

    Girl-1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19-Age 10
    Girl-2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20-Age 10

  79. Thomas Brown Says:

    Hey Arnold season 6 19 episodes

    episode 1-The Nightmare in PS118/new kid-Arnold’s locker is locker number 13, Everyone was scared to go near Arnold, except Gerald. cause in PS118 back in the year 1971, a 4th grader was stuffed in a locker by 5th graders. Arnold and Gerald are on the hunt to find out who’s behind this,
    there’s a new kid in the street, she is next door to Arnold, she is kind, nice, gentle, Generous, and warm hearted. but her true colours is that she’s bad, mischievous, rude, and disrespectful to those who are rude towards her.

    episode 2-Timberly VS Tina/haunted toy-in the 1st grade class, there’s a evil 7-year-old called Tina, Timberly is thinking that she looks like the same meanie that played her 2 older brothers (Jamie O and Gerald) against each other. and broke Gerald heart after finding out she used him to get to Jamie O,
    Wolfgang and the 5th graders pranks Arnold and Gerald, but this time there one step ahead of the 5th graders.

    episode 3-5th Grade Girls/Jamie O’s Revenge-Arnold and Gerald went out with girls from the 5th grade, but how will Wolfgang and the 5th graders react?
    Jamie O saw his ex-girlfriend Charice who was taking advantage of him. he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Jamie O has the perfect revenge.

    episode 4- The Return of Summer/new 6th grader girl in school-Arnold and Helga are shock to see Summer in their school, the girl who used Arnold so that she can be on babe watch. and Helga hates her for turning her crush (Arnold) against her. Summer is in the 6th grade with Connie, Maria, Ruth, Tommy, Burt, Simone and Cookie. who are going to take advantage on the 4th graders. But not if Arnold and friends got anything to do with it.

    episode 5-Chloe’s back/6th graders VS 4th graders-Gerald and Jamie O are shock to see Chloe again, who has moved in with them. Also Timberly is shock that Tina is the sister of Chloe. The Johanssen Siblings team up to take Chloe and Tina down. Arnold and the gang are up against the 6th graders in a game of volleyball.

    episode 6-Middle school/Phoebe’s Revenge-there’s a school 11 blocks away from Elementary school. the school has 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th graders.
    Phoebe wants revenge on the 6th grade girls for taking advantage of her. with the help of Gerald, Arnold and Helga who wants revenge on Summer for what happened to them on the beach.

    episode 7-Hall Monitor Phoebe/new students-Phoebe is hall monitor again, she is in charge of Gerald Field things went well until Wolfgang and the 5th graders arrived. looks like the 4th graders will have to brace themselves because new kids in the 5th grade will team up and take them down.

    episode 8-7th Grade Girls/Helga VS 5th Grade Girls-Arnold and Gerald saw Carla and Laura, Carla asked Gerald out. while Laura asked Arnold out. the 5th grade girls decide to take revenge on Helga G Pataki. Without her friends how will Helga escape from the raff of the 5th grade girls?

    episode 9-Harold is no longer in the 4th grade/School sports-The 1st Graders and 2nd graders decide to get rid of Harold for good. Elementary School VS Middle school and Junior high. 4th graders against 5th and 6th graders.

    episode 10-new kids in the 4th grade/Chloe’s brother-9 new kids are in Arnold’s class. (5 girls, 4 boys) one of them is Arnold’s new neighbour. there’s a new boy in Arnold’s class, but Gerald thinks that he remind him of someone who is an evil person that used him to get to his older brother, Jamie O.

    episode 11-8th grade girls/Rhonda VS Simone-Arnold and Gerald were skateboarding in the park on a Saturday morning. until they saw 4 girls from the 8th grade, Louise, Samantha, Danielle and Rebecca. Rhonda is up against Simone who is a 6th grader. they battle against each other for a beautiful pearl necklace. but Simone and the girls decided to cheat to win the pearl necklace.

    episode 12-Adventures in bad baby sitting/everybody loves karate-Wolfgang and the 5th graders are having trouble with their babysitters, who are in 9th grade and Wolfgang and the 5th graders decide to prank them all. The 4th graders are sick and tired of the 5th graders taking their field.

    episode 13-Cecile’s back in town/Timberly is sad-Cecile is in Arnold’s class. Arnold couldn’t believe his eyes. a girl that he met on Valentine’s day is in his class. Timberly is sad that Wolfgang and the 5th graders took her doll. Gerald decided to get it back. with the help of Arnold.

    episode 14-love is in the air/Halloween-everyone in PS118 are in love. everyone is excited because Halloween is coming. pranks and treats.

    episode 15- Evil Tina strikes back/4th grade girls VS 5th Grade girls- Timberly is up against her enemy Tina, she hatches a plan to get Tina in trouble.
    Helga, Rhonda, Phoebe, Nadine, Lila and Sheena are up against the vicious 5th grade girls.

    episode 16-Who done it?/Who done it? part 2-someone has framed Helga, that she done something she didn’t do. she’s going to find out who done it. Part 2. Helga is on the search for the culprit to own up.

    episode 17-Basketball game/Jolly Ollie Ice Scream Man-Arnold and the gang are in middle school in the basketball game and also their up against the 7th graders.
    Jolly Ollie Ice Cream man decides to play a cruel joke on the kids.

    episode 18-Pranks-everyone decides to paly a prank on each other. but are they going a bit too fare?

    episode 19-The Race/Sleepover-Arnold and the gang decide to build a race car to go up against the 5th graders. Arnold goes to Gerald’s for a sleepover.

    1. Dennis Says:

      8th grade girls In Hey Arnold there about 13-14

      Louise-blonde haired, with pink clips, wears green jumper, purple and blue skirt, pink High heels. she is the leader, Arnold has a crush on her, she attends brightonville junior high school.

      Samantha-brown haired, wears green vest, yellow skirt, blue sandals. She is best friends with Louise. Gerald has a crush on her. She is the cousin of
      Edmond. She also attend BrightonVille junior high school.

      Danielle-Red haired, she wears blue dress with a green heart on it. Red sandals. She is very polite. She loves make up.

      Rebecca-Curly blonde haired, she wears red and green jumper, blue skirt. Green sandals. She is the pretty one described by Gerald. She has a younger sister in 3rd grade.

      Hope-brown haired, similar to Maria,she speaks in a Spanish accent.
      She wears a green jumper, red and pink skirt. Red shoes. She is the cousin of Maria.

      Lauren-red curly haired, she wears green and yellow vest, red skirt, white sandals. She is the one with red finger nails,

  80. Dennis Says:

    Evil Tina is the sister of Chloe, she wears over rolls (Pink) black hair (pigtails)
    Pink shoes. Looks like her big sister.

  81. Dennis Says:

    7th graders in Hey Arnold season 6. They are 12 or 13

    Michael-has brown hair, wears green and blue jumper, blue jeans, red shoes. He runs the 7th grade.

    Owen-blonde hair, Black jumper with Blue skull, brown trousers, green shoes

    Larry-Blonde short hair, wears a Red short sleeved top, with a Rottweiler on it, he wears black trousers, blue shoes, he wears a yellow baseball cap backwards.

    Carla-black hair, wears purple jumper, green skirt, blue shoes. She once told Gerald to stuff it, squirt.

    Laura-red hair, wears a Pink jumper, black trousers, yellow shoes. She has a younger sister who’s in 3rd grade.

    Daphne-Blonde hair, wears a Green jumper, blue skirt, pink shoes.

    Cindy-Brown hair, wears a green dress, red high heels. She is the cousin of One of the girls in the 5th grade.

    Lee-Red hair, Red and Green jumper, Blue trousers, black shoes. He is seen wearing a Red baseball cap.

    Chloe-she first appeared in Gerald VS Jamie O. She has 2 siblings Tina and Kevin, Tina is in the 1st grade. While Kevin is in the 4th grade.

    Danny-black hair, green jumper with the number 46 on it. Black trousers, green shoes.

    1. Dennis Says:

      Helga VS 5th grade girls-Helga is getting picked on by the 5th grade girls.

    2. Dennis Says:

      There will be some changes for my ideas for season 6

  82. Dennis Says:

    There should be an episode where Helga, gets bullied by the the from 5th grade.

  83. Dennis Says:

    I mean there should be an episode where Helga gets bullied by the girls from 5th grade

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