Additional Hey Arnold! 6th Season Project Links:

  1. HA6S Forum: (active)
  2. HA! – A Critical Analysis: (active)


Hey Arnold! Communities:

Get together with your fellow Hey Arnold! fans!

General HA! Communities:

  1. HA! Livejournal Community: (active)
  2. Arnold’s Eyes Forum: (active)
  3. Arnold’s Room (Multiply Community): (semi-active)
  4. HA! Rewatch Livejournal Community: (active)

Fanfiction Communities:

  1. (active)
  2. HA! Fanfiction Livejournal Community: (active)
  3. HA! Prompts: (semi-active)

Fanart Communities:

  1. DeviantART: (active)

Fanvideo Communities:

  1. YouTube: (active)
  2. Veoh: (semi-active)
  3. LiveVideo: (semi-active)


Hey Arnold! Resources:

Learn more about the world of Hey Arnold! at these well-developed sites!

General Hey Arnold! Fansites:

  1. Don Grande’s Hey Arnold! Character & Episode Guide: (semi-active)
  2. Hey Arnold! Wiki: (active)
  3. Hey Arnold! Fan History Wiki: (semi-active)
  4. The Unofficial Hey Arnold! Site: (inactive)

Official HA! Nickelodeon Sites:

  1. Original Hey Arnold! Comics: (inactive)
  2. Hey Arnold! Section on Nickelodeon: (inactive) /

Chats/Interviews with Craig Bartlett:

  1. Hillwood City Saved Chats: (inactive)
  2. HA! Wiki Chats and Interviews w/ Craig Bartlett: (semi-active)


The Jungle Movie / The Patakis Related Sites:

The Jungle Movie Related Sites:

  1. Save The Jungle Movie Project: (active)
  2. The Jungle Movie Livejournal Community: (inactive)

The Patakis Related Sites:

  1. The Patakis Fanmade Project: (inactive)



8 Responses to “Links”

  1. Justine Says:

    Here’s an active Hey Arnold forums fan message boards, the people are so nice, it’s everything HA related! 🙂

  2. sketchpride Says:

    Don’t forget to this site called Arnold’s Room. The site was originally in MSN Groups but it moved to Multiply recently. They also got HA! related information.

  3. Tendra Says:

    Thanks for the links! Site updated.

    – Tendra

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Hillwood City, HA! is my website about general Hey Arnold!, “saving” The Jungle Movie, and fanmade projects (i.e. fanmade versions of The Jungle Movie and The Pataki’s, season 6 episodes, music videos, fanfictions, etc.).

    It is still being updated, and it is currently at:

    It will soon have a way for people to register, login and participate, which is what I have been working on since December of last year.

    And may I just say, I believe this idea of yours in making this analysis website is one of the best ideas any HA! fan has ever had for a website.

  5. sketchpride Says:

    Oh, can you add this link?It’s still active.

    Hey Arnold Wiki-

  6. Tendra Says:

    Hello, sorry for the delay and thanks for the input. Links has been updated. You’re the best!

    – Tendra

  7. sketchpride Says:

    Sorry if I forgot something but another HA!-related link discovered.:!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    You can also add the following LiveJournal community:

    It’s a community for people who are working on fanmade versions of The Jungle Movie and The Pataki’s and just anyone who is a part of the fandom that creates fanmade things, such as fanfictions, fanart, and fanvideos. It also includes anyone who is wanting to know the latest news about trying to get TJM made into a novella so we can all finally get a real ending. It goes along with the Hillwood City website.

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