I think one of the miracles of “Hey Arnold!” is that even though so many years have passed since the cancellation of this cartoon, the HA! fan-community is still active, continuingto produce new fanart for this great Nicktoon.

I have selected a few of my favourite fanworks that I would highly recommend to others, and categorized them as listed below.  Please spare the time to visit these talented HA! fanartists!

Recommended Fan-videos

Recommended Fanfics

Past Featured Fanworks


2 Responses to “Recommended Fanworks”

  1. acemcjace169 Says:

    There should be an episode where Helga gets bullies by older students, and Arnold and the other students could stand up for her or something. I think it would make for some great drama and laughs.

  2. foureyedshroom Says:

    How about an episode where Helga is dreaming about where she goes on a date with Arnold, but Lila is jealous and does things to ruin their date.

    Arnold and Helga go to this French restaurant (Lila stalking them), and when Helga needs to go to the restroom (got sick by, what was it.. goat brains? in the Valentine’s Day episode..hehe)
    Lila locks her inside, and dresses up as Helga.

    Annd Helga and a group of ladies try to get out of the restroom, somehow (I was thinking through a small window up in the restroom wall)

    but as soon as they re-enter the restaurant all angryly, Arnold and Hel-Lila disappear.

    And uh.. Lila’s tricking Arnold into marrying him, still disguised as Helga)

    (or if you don’t want to add that part, Lila could be caught at the restaurant)

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